In a world of changes there is a need for flexibility to adapt to these changes. INID MultiSmart readers are versatile and allow you to have multiple card environments or transit from the “classic” 125 kHz technologies to the modern and secure 13.56 MHz technologies. All within one reader that supports almost all available credentials in the market and is prepared for any future additions.

The reader comes in various models: with and without PIN keypad and with different interfaces. The field programmable capabilities of INID ISO14443 readers future proof your investment.



Supported technologies:

  • ISO14443-3A: MIFARE® Classic, MIFARE Ultralight® and MIFARE Plus® level 1.
  • ISO14443-4A: MIFARE® DESFire® 0.6 & EV1, SmartMX and MIFARE Plus® level 2 & 3.
  • ISO14443-4B: Infineon, Atmel and ST microelectronics.
  • NFC: peer-to-peer.LF-Prox: EM4102, Hitag and credentials programmed for HID® and AWID® LF Proximity readers.

Download the data sheet for complete details.

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