INID Readers USA is a new company, with, for many in the Security Industry, familiar personnel with well over 30 years of experience. We earned our credits in the identification industry in different segments of the market and with world leading companies.

INID Readers USA develops hardware, firmware, and software mainly but not exclusively for secure access control and authentication solutions.

We distinguish ourselves as a technology partner and solution provider for our clients. We allow our clients to stay focused on their business while we provide support for our clients’ identification challenges.

We believe in open standards. We do not want to lock in our customers by proprietary products and/or secret key structures but through our performance and innovation power with products that are user-friendly.

Our INID product line primarily focuses on the Physical Access Control Systems market with our contactless readers.

INID stands for Innovative Identification, a name that reflects our solutions and thinking.

Innovation means creating new solutions, for example creating migration paths for existing card populations to newer technologies by combining different technologies in one reader.

We provide solutions for business and federal government identity management, physical security, logical security and are flexible in customized solutions.

Last but not least, we care for the environment, we design our products to be durable and suitable for complete recycling. Our aim is a cradle-to-cradle life cycle. With our special housing design there is no longer a necessity to use potting therefore creating considerable savings in transport costs and in fuel consumption and thus reducing the carbon footprint.